Kodak 155X Instamatic Camera Outfit with Extra Flashcubes

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Kodak 155X Instamatic Camera Outfit with Extra Flashcubes – This outfit come in it’s own plastic box and does not look like it has been used very much.

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This Kodak 155X Instamatic Camera Outfit looks like it has had very little use. It comes in an outfit with a strap, a flashcube with 2 used bulbs, a cartridge of unopened 2001 expired 24 exposure Kodak Gold 126 film and the original instructions. As a bonus, we’ve included a package of 3 unused flashcubes.

Kodak’s 155X Instamatic Camera is a viewfinder camera using 126 film cartridges. It was made by Kodak Ltd in the UK during the early 1970s. Sunny and Cloudy/Flash adjustment is possible by rotating the lens, which changes the shutter speed. Film advance is by a combination thumbwheel with lever attached.

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